Exact Online Salesforce Integration

Sync 360

Why Choose Exact Salesforce Integration

With our Exact Online Salesforce Integration, Sync 360, you can seamlessly synchronize all your customer and prospect data between Exact Online and Salesforce. Sync 360 provides effortless synchronization of orders, items, quotes, opportunities and more. Changes made in Salesforce or Exact are synchronized in realtime. As a result, your data is always up to date in both systems.

  • Sync 360 is entirely built on your Salesforce environment
  • Additional process logic can easily be built in
  • Information in Exact Online and Salesforce is always up-to-date through realtime synchronisation between both systems
  • Makes use of all available Exact API
Exact Online Salesforce Integration

Sync 360 Features

  • Uses all available API-types of Exact
    such as synchronisation or bulk-API
  • takes into account the Exact API limits
  • possibility to link multiple administrations for ultimate flexibility
  • supports Salesforce Person accounts
  • supports Exact Webhooks

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Our Exact Salesforce Integration helps you streamline your financial processes between Exact Online and Salesforce. It ensures that you always have the most current data in both applications. Unlock the power of Sync 360 and improve the efficiency of your business operations today.

The business requirements for integrating Exact Online with Salesforce vary from case to case. To get a better picture, we invite you to schedule an online meeting with us. We will send you a customized quote accordingly.

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