Create a consistent, Single Customer profile

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by synchronizing your external systems with Salesforce

Sync 360

Key features

We make it Simple

Sync your External Systems with one app

Sync 360 is a native Salesforce solution to synchronize Salesforce with external systems, inbound and outbound. It allows Salesforce to become the central hub for all your data. 

Changes made in Salesforce are updated real time to the linked external systems. Syncing data from external systems back to Salesforce can be fully automated and scheduled periodically. 

Supported Systems

The following systems are supported out-of-the box.
If your system is not listed below, contact us and we will add support for your system. 


Choose the right plan for you


Per year, per external system
  • Max. 3 external systems
  • Apex Plugin
  • Custom Sync Helper


Per year, per org
  • Unlimited external systems
  • Apex Plugin
  • Custom Sync Helper

High-quality, Clean data

Customers expect a high degree of personalization across the different touchpoints, with their information always and readily accessible.

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