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We can connect to all systems that have an API connection available based on REST or SOAP APIs.

Yes, the maximum number of calls can be set per minute, per hour or per day.

Sync 360 runs entirely in your own Salesforce environment. Data will never leave your existing systems, Salesforce or the configured external systems.
If the Salesforce environment and the integrated systems meet the requirements of the GDPR, then this also applies to Sync 360.

We work with encrypted connections between external systems. Connections are set up via OATH if possible.

Enterprise, performance or unlimited edition.

An Audit log item is written for each call. If an error occurs, an error message will be written to the log. If the error is resolved, the status will automatically change to resolved.

The app is easy to configure. However, some knowledge of the fields in the external system is necessary. We can support you with this, but you can also consult your own Salesforce partner.

You can test Sync 360 in a sandbox at no cost. Please contact us for an installation link.

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